Non-Medical Home Health And Day Care Software.

Designed specifically for non-skilled home health care agencies and adult day care centers.


We do not release an average software. If you find anything our competitors do better, please let us know, we will improve our product to be better than the competition.


Switch to electronic charts. Many home care agencies already did and are using tablets with electronic medical record (EMR) systems to save time and money. Find out how you could do the same.

Easy Online Training

Our focus is to make the most intuitive and easy to use software. So, most of the features and capabilities of the system should become apparent once you start using it. Take a look at our tutorials to get started.

How we help you improve claim collection?


Prior Authorization





Automatic eligibility check
Authorization tracking
Match schedule to authorization
  • Eliminate overschedule
  • Minimize underschedule
Prevent overlapping hours
Create claims only when
  • Prior authorization approved
  • Diagnosis is billable
  • Referring physician is set
Track your claims better
Automate appeals
  • Custom appeal forms
Prevent losses due to
  • Loss of eligibility
  • Lack of authorization
Eliminate losses due to
  • Providing more units
    than authorized
Prevent denials by satisfying
all payer requirements
Stay in compliance by tracking
  • Expiring physician certifications
  • Expiring HHA licenses

We work with home health care agencies and day care facilities.