What we do?
We allow agencies of all sizes to have access to a enterprise-level software without paying the enterprise-level price.
How we do it?
Our system:
  • Allows your nurses to use tablets in the field.
    • Fill out and sign assessments, plans of care and other documents on a tablet
    • Documents are uploaded directly into patient's chart
  • Alerts you about scheduling errors and helps you prevent:
    • Overscheduling
    • Underscheduling
    • Schedule not verified on time
    • Employees scheduled to be in 2 different places at once
  • Alerts you about expiring prior authorizations.
    • As you know, you need to have a prior authorization before you start providing the services.
  • Allows you to check if the payer authorized enough units to cover the visits you want to provide.
    • To do that we use unit calculator which converts schedule into billing codes and units.
      A simpler and free version of such calculator is available here.
  • Creates claims only when all the payer requirements have been met.
    • Referring Physician has to be entered for the client.
    • Diagnosis has to be billable (specific enough).
    • Proper prior authorization has to be entered if payer requires it.
  • Allows you to track your outstanding claims easily.
    • The system helps you to identify problems with claim payments as soon as they arise.
    • Claims may be "tagged" and later be tracked using claim reports.
    • Reports allow you to filter outstanding claims by multiple parameters.
  • Appeal the denied claims.
    • To automate the appeal process, we will create custom appeal forms for you for each payer.
  • Helping you to stay in compliance by tracking:
    • expiring physician certifications
    • expiring CHHA licenses
    • expiration of any other documents you need to track
Where are we located and how to contact us?
We are located in Hackensack, New Jersey. You can contact us by: